“Japan’s Labor & Employment Law Seminar in English”: Friday, March 6

Unilateral Termination & Related Matters

-How to Avoiding the Risks Related Redundancy-

Japan’s Labor & Employment Law Seminar in English will be held on Friday, March 6.

This seminar presents 3.5-hours session, which provides you with good understanding of unilateral termination &related matters, as well as explanations on how to try to avoid the associated risks.

■   Friday, March 6.  13:30-17:00 The doors will open at 13:00
■ Arcadia Ichigaya 7F Room”Kotohira”

■ JPY18,000+Tax (JPY19,440 inclusive of tax)

1. Difficulty in Unilateral Termination
2.  Unilateral Termination due to Poor Performance
3.  Attempt to Persuade Poor Performers
4. Unilateral Termination during Probationary Period
5. Employees under a Limited-period Contract

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