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Kostal, R.W. :
Laying Down the Law ; The American Legal Revolutions in Occupied Germany and Japan.
2019/10. 472 p.  (Harvard University Press)
ISBN: 9780674052413 hardcover
Table of Conetnts
  • 1. The “Destruction of Philosophies”: Planning the Legal Reconstruction of Germany and Japan
  • 2. Occupying the Legal Other: The Subjugation of the German and Japanese Legal Systems
  • 3. Captive Constitutions: Remaking Constitutional Law in Occupied Germany and Japan
  • 4. Crafting Liberal Courts: Reconstituting the German and Japanese Judiciaries
  • 5. Clearing the Spiritual Rubble: Reforming Criminal Justice in Occupied Germany and Japan
  • 6. Twilight of the Gods: The Rise and Fall of Civil Liberties in Occupied Germany and Japan
  • Conclusion: Laying Down the Law: Americans as Legal Revolutionaries
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  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index